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Lenahan Landclearing & Grinding, Inc.
4 Toddy Hill
Road/Route 34
Sandy Hook, CT
Phone: 1-203-426-2909
Fax: 1-203-426-1637
Q: What types of mulch do you carry?

A: We carry four kinds. Native Bark Mulch is a blend of virgin forested hard and softwood trees. This consists of pine, cedar, hemlock, oak and ash. Color Enhanced Mulch is similar to the native bark, but with more wood fiber. It is enhanced with a safe, non-toxic dye to help maintain its look and color longer outside in the weather. Cedar Mulch is made of pure canadian bark and wood fiber. Fine Ground Wood Mulch, also known as Playground Mulch, is virgin forested wood fiber. It is hardwood and softwood blended.

Q: How thick should mulch be applied to shrubs and flowerbeds?

A: Between three and four inches thick.

Q: How far will one cubic yard of mulch cover?

A: When applied 3 to 4 inches thick, 1 cubic yard of mulch will cover approximately 100 square feet.

Q: How should areas be prepared for mulch application?

A: You need to scrape up old mulch and dirt, and break up any hardened or caked up mulch. This allows the new mulch to absorb moisture and moisten the ground beneath.

Q: How close to plants and shrubs should mulch be applied?

A: Up to, but not touching, the stems and stalks of the plants and shrubs.

Q: How close to houses or buildings should mulch be applied?

A: It must never be applied against any wood structure because moisture in the mulch will rot any wood product. However, it may be applied up to concrete or stone foundations.

Q: What hours of business are you open to the public?

A: Monday to Friday: 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 2 pm
Closed Sundays

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